Как рисовать в mac os

Как рисовать в mac os

Play video in a floating window, so you can keep one eye on what you’re watching and the other on what you’re doing.

Mac showing Picture-in-Picture window

With Picture in Picture, you can play video in a resizable window that isn’t blocked by other windows, so you can watch while doing other things. Catch up on a favorite show while you catch up on email, or watch the big game while playing a game yourself.

Picture in Picture is available on Mac computers using macOS Sierra.

Start or stop Picture in Picture

To start Picture in Picture:

  1. Open a video with any app that supports Picture in Picture, such as Safari or iTunes. Safari supports Picture in Picture with webpages that use HTML5 for video playback, such as YouTube and Vimeo.
  2. Click the Picture-in-Picture button in the video’s playback controls:

iTunes playback controller

If you don’t see a Picture-in-Picture button, hold down the Control key and double-click inside the video to open a shortcut menu. Then choose Enter Picture-in-Picture, if available.

To stop Picture in Picture:

  • Click the close button (x) or the Picture-in-Picture button in the Picture-in-Picture window.
  • Or close the original window or browser tab that is providing the video.

Move or resize the Picture-in-Picture window

  • To move the window to a different corner of the screen, just drag it to that corner. If you hold down the Command key while dragging, you can move the window to any position on the screen. 
  • To make the window bigger or smaller, drag the edge or corner of the window.
    Как рисовать в mac os

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